“This series of Jewish Positive Thinking has been one of the most important things I have ever done, and I have taken a lot of workshops. … I am turning 65, please G-d, in a few weeks, and am grateful to have embarked on this journey. … I have many successes that I will soon share, iy”H! Thank you again.”
– MF

“This program helped me to finally reach some very important but neglected short-term goals in my life, and to begin to feel a real sense of patience, trust and hope about reaching the long-term ones.”
– Shoshana

“It’s informative, real and doable. Thank you, I really feel it changed my life.”
– Michal

“This course teaches emunah and bitachon in such a palpable way. It reaches out and grabs you in a way that nothing else can.”
– Bracha, Har Nof, Yerushalayim

“I have so much hakaras hatov to you for the workshop. Baruch Hashem, I now have a level of connection with Hashem that is far closer than ever before, and I daven that it will continue to grow. “
– Chaya, Passaic NJ

“There is a new feeling of calm, serenity and acceptance in my life.”
– Miri, Brooklyn, NY

“This is amazing! It helped me get through some of the biggest challenges in my life.”
– Chava, Baltimore, MD

“For years my husband ignored me. He didn’t want to spend his time or attention on me. We essentially lived side by side in silence, like strangers. This amazing program helped bring greater love and connection to my marriage. How can I ever thank you for that?”
– Rachel, New York, NY

“Our generation needs these tools. It is so important. You have a mitzvah to teach these workshops.”
– Rebbetzin Luba Feuer (daughter of Harav Gifter, zt”l)

“We often live fragmented lives. Even though we could have lots of knowledge about lots of things, it often doesn’t help; because we don’t know how to use it all together as a meaningful whole. This program completely changed that for me.”
– Chana, Teaneck, NJ

“This course helped give me the confidence, clarity, positive vision, resources and patience to reach my goals.”
– Michelle, Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you, Chaya Hinda, for your incredible course. You guided me through the most difficult chapter of my life, with caring and compassion, and without judging. Instead of despair, I look to the future with hope. When they said this course would change my life, I didn’t really believe it. Now I know that was an understatement.”
– Estie, London