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Dear Friends,
Chaya Hinda Allen is one in a million.  She is not only an expert at delivering fantastic content, but she is a warm and wonderful person who embodies what she teaches. Her warmth and sincerity, her caring and funny personality, her authenticity, her vast knowledge of Torah and human nature, even her lovely English voice make this a program I am recommending to all my friends. It can transform anyone’s life for the better.  It’s really amazing, and I only wish I had taken the course years ago.
Rachel Berg

Become strong and empowered with a proven practical program based on Torah teachings and state-of-the-art psychology

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Unique benefits of the Think Positive course
  • Support and guidance with Chaya Hinda
  • Access to all class recordings
  • Printed worksheets mailed to you
  • Specially designed guided imagery tracks
  • Listen live, hear recordings or download and go at your own pace
  • Reference Guide
Course Includes
  • 20 recorded classes about two hours each
  • Personal phone time with Chaya Hinda
  • Personal email to ask your questions from Chaya Hinda
  • Workbook that includes overview of all the classes
  • 20 Guided Imagery tracks
  • Access to phone line with recordings of entire program
  • Access to website with downloads of entire program

Dates and Times
Two hours of pre-recorded classes will be accessible by phone each Sunday on the Think Positive! phone line, and participants listen at their convenience throughout the week.
These pre-recorded classes are specifically chosen and edited for this course.

Each Wednesday, Chaya Hinda hosts a live half-hour Q&A session (that’s 10 p.m. Israel time; 8 p.m. UK time; 3 p.m. EST.)

UK Information

US Information

  • Contact Devorah Rosenblum
    US: 786-233-7213 (Israel Time)
    Israel: 052-760-0093


  • Contact Devorah Rosenblum