Chaya Hinda Allen

Program Director

Chaya Hinda Allen gives life-changing Torah workshops to thousands of women around the world. These classes help women gain the practical tools that guide them in a personalized way through a step-by-step process to bring more happiness, inner peace, better relationships, success, and closeness with Hashem into their lives.

Her students include Rebbetzins, counselors and therapists. She is a sought-after lecturer in programs like Ohr Naava, the Ohel Sara Amen Group, Chai Lifeline, Ohr Penina and others across Israel. Women often say that her classes have given them the hope and tools they only wished existed.

In 2007, Chaya Hinda became inspired to make real changes in her own life. She began listening to Rabbanit Sara Yosef (daughter-in-law of Harav Ovadia Yosef, zt”l) speak in Hebrew on the topic of building practical life-changing steps to achieving real emunah. Chaya Hinda was struggling, searching to find tools to make her own life better – and as she applied the tools she was learning, she found that they changed her life completely. She was so inspired that she decided to share these tools with others.

After obtaining permission to teach the material, she began the long, arduous process of translating all the classes into English, and then spent 3 years together with her husband and many great Rabbanim, finding the sources for the great ideas that Rabbanit Sara had shared. During their search they found numerous life transforming Torah teachings, and developed new, practical ways to apply them. Then she expanded the program, adding other new classes, and applying the lessons in new ways to many different areas of life – in ways that could help people find the tools to create a better life.

Chaya Hinda developed a program that is much more than a class, workshop or call. It is a step by step guide for how to change and improve your life from the inside out, on an emotional level.


– She is originally from the U.K., and lives in Beitar Illit with her family and grandchildren nearby.
– Her husband is a devoted Daf Yomi Maggid Shiur in Beitar.
– They are chassidim of the Stoliner Rebbe, who has encouraged her great work and teachings.
– Chaya Hinda is a kind, caring and discreet listener, and a generous person.