How can I listen to/watch the classes?

This program was originally translated from Hebrew, and has now been made accessible all around the world in English through online video streaming and audio downloads.

If you want access to the workshops in any additional formats, or to learn more about our live classes that are given in many neighborhoods in Eretz Yisroel, and/or to host a workshop in your city contact ch@jpthink.com.

- Video access is included for one year from date of registration.
- All audio files of the workshops can be downloaded as mp3's to a computer or electronic audio device, and listened to again and again.

Am I allowed to share these classes with others, once I sign up?

The actual classes, videos/ audio downloads & workshop materials may not be shared with anyone else. However, you may tell others about specific ideas from the workshops that have helped you, in your own words.

Chaya Hinda spent many years translating all of the classes into English, finding the Torah sources for the ideas, and then expanding the program. She continues to add new classes, applying the lessons in new ways to many different areas of life. She has also invested a lot of time and money videotaping the classes, creating audio downloads, workshop FAQ's, and funding the development of this website and marketing materials.

In order for her to be able to continue funding & spreading these incredible tools to others; they must be purchased and not transferred by any other means.

However, if you really love the workshops you are listening to, please recommend them to others. We know the tools are life changing, so you will be recommending one of the greastest gifts!

Will I get personalized guidance to help me to apply these tools to the issues in my life?

Chaya Hinda makes herself available via email to guide each participant personally. This can take the form of extended correspondence or just a few emails to clear up smaller questions depending on the needs of each participant.

You will get as much guidance as you feel you need, and you can contact her as many times as you like to get clear directions, ask questions and to get feedback throughout the process. As you learn more tools, you can also be in touch at each step to ensure that you are assimilating the tools into your life as effectively as possible.

Participants say that Chaya Hinda is knowledgeable, encouraging, compassionate, positive, thorough, down to earth, patient, personable, relatable, a good role model and extremely helpful in helping them to apply the tools to their lives.

All emails remain completely confidential, and are used otherwise only solely for the purpose of improving the program and providing you with better tools.

What level of Jewish knowledge and/or Hebrew is required?

For this Program, you will only need the desire to learn how to improve your life in an authentically Jewish way. Most Hebrew words or concepts are translated and explained in full. The program can be customized for all levels; beginner to advanced.

What if my situation is too difficult?

This program has worked for women in incredibly difficult situations who have found enormous relief through it.

Through the use of the tools, women generally find that either the situation itself will begin to be resolved in mysterious ways, or they begin responding differently and will feel differently about the situation, or both. Women who do the exercises and follow the program step by step repeatedly get great results.

Some participants have said that the JPT tools helped them more than years of therapy, and have resulted in a drop in medication doses, or that they have stopped needing certain medications. This however is because the woman’s stress level has been reduced significantly.

Those who are most successful are usually those who have taken the time to contact Chaya Hinda if they need help learning how to apply the tools to their personal situation. Sometimes it takes only a minimal amount of correspondence to figure out the approach that works for the individual.

The only situation we found to be beyond the scope of this program is where a woman would really benefit from medication in order to be able to make use of the tools we share

Will you recommend that I stay in a bad situation and "just" be more positive?

This program does not give instruction on what people should/shouldn't do with their lives. It empowers women to find what they really want, what their purpose is and enables them to respond positively and healthily to their personal situations. It also gives women the tools to discover for themselves their true deepest desires and to find and trust Hashem's Guidance in their lives. It does not replace the role of a personal Rav or counsellor.

Can I start this program with a trial? What is included?

You can listen to a trial class which introduces many of the concepts and JPT tools that we use in the program. It also introduces you to Chaya Hinda’s style and personality. The trial class is relevant to each of the programs no matter which package you are interested in pursuing (see "Start Trial" page for details on the packages that are offered).

Is the program audio and video compatible with iPad?

The program audio and video has been tested with the iPad using the Safari and Chrome browsers. You can watch and hear directly from the site from iPad.

The iPad itself does not support downloading and storing of data into the local hard drive. The best way of getting the files into the iPad is saving them to your local computer, import them into iTunes and sync them to your iPad

Do I need to pay through Paypal?

If you want to pay using a credit card then Paypal accepts all major credit cards.
If you would like to pay using a check please email Leiba, leiba@jpthink.com to coordinate the payment. Once the payment has gone through we will set up your program account on the jpthink.com site.