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Rebbetzin R. Meiselman of Har Nof (Rebbetzin of the Rosh Yeshivah of Toras Moshe) took Chaya Hinda Allen’s ThinkPositive! course. Here’s what she says:

Chaya Hinda Allen is a fabulous role model and teacher. She is very learned and has a wonderful way about her. I found her incredibly inspiring. Positive thinking is very important, and to have these ideas sourced is fantastic! I think that many of us know intuitively that positivity is the right thing – “ivdu es Hashem b’simchah.” Chaya Hinda’s presentation, buttressed with sources from the Torah, gives that “feeling” a solid foundation. We Jewish women want to improve ourselves, which could cause us to be too critical or negative. Chaya Hinda's course counteracts that tendency. She helps us do a cheshbon hanefesh and improve ourselves from a positive place. She herself is so positive and inspirational, and her speaking ability is fantastic. I benefited throughout the entire course. Chaya Hinda Allen’s course in positivity reinforces and builds what we want to be like, and encourages us to implement it. I loved it!

Rebbetzin R. Meiselman


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